Global Discovery Platform For Decentralized Media

Welcome to Vision Launch Media!

Over the last several decades, our media has consolidated and become increasingly centralized to the extent that only a few corporations control just about everything we see and hear. As a result, the corporate media have become gate-keepers of information while creating false narratives infused with hidden agendas that negatively affect millions of people in our country. We provide a much-needed counter-balance to this monopoly over our information. We are an eco-system specifically focused on supporting alternative media sources. We strongly oppose censorship and believe free speech and diversity of thought is crucial to freedom itself.

Our Mission

  • Promote Freedom

    Freedom is precious, but all too often we take it for granted. We have been steadily losing our freedoms every year and we don’t even notice it, like a frog in the warm pot of water. We want to promote principles of freedom and why they are so special. There’s been a recent surge of socialist ideologies within the last several years and we feel the need to help provide some historic perspective to balance out the debate.
  • Promote New Forms Of Media

    Information is powerful, and it profoundly influences our collective reality. Unfortunately, we’ve let ourselves be distracted, divided and manipulated by the corporate owned media into a false reality. Our decisions can only be as good as the information we base them on. This is why we promote new forms media and citizen journalists working hard to keep us informed about whats really happening in the world.
  • Eco-System That Supports New Media

    The corporate media business model is fatally flawed. It’s rife with commercial conflicts of interest and hidden social agendas. Vision Launch is an eco-system of like-minded people who recognize the need to support independent voices who are not part of the corporate media complex. We’re strong proponents of free speech and do not believe in censorship. We promote true diversity of thought and censored voices.

  • Inspire & Empower

    By promoting freedom and the independent media movement we hope to inspire others to join in too. We provide free information and resources (as well as paid services) on our main site that can help bring your vision to life. We want to lower the barrier to entry into this new media space so more people can join this new revolution of awareness.
  • Leverage Our Greatest Resource

    We the people are our own greatest resource and there's enormous power in our numbers. We have so much in common but we’ve let ourselves be divided by superficial differences the media love to exploit. We wish to unite people with truth and organize behind ideas that transcend gender, race, and politics. Let's replace divide & conquer with enlighten & unite.
  • Accelerate The Global Awakening

    We're experiencing a global awakening and learning exciting (and troubling) new truths about our world. This is due in large part because of the alternative media's constant questioning of the false corporate media narrative. In fact, they’ve been so effective that their increasingly being suppressed or censored. This is why we feel it's so important to support them.