Global Discovery Platform & Alternative Media Sources

Welcome to Vision Launch Media!

Our goal is to promote individual freedom in all of its various forms, with a strong emphasis on free speech. There has been a renaissance of independent journalists and social influencers who are covering crucial issues and asking important questions that our media should be asking, but refuse to. Unfortunately, their voices are increasingly being suppressed by the corporate media platforms. The men and woman working hard to find the truth about our world should be encouraged and rewarded, not punished. This is why we created a specialized patronage platform where people can go to find and support alternative media sources and exciting social initiatives.

Our Mission

  • Promote Freedom

    Freedom is precious, but all too often we take it for granted. We have been steadily losing our freedoms every year and we don’t even notice it, like a frog in the warm pot of water. We want to promote principles of freedom and why they are so special. There’s been a recent surge of socialist ideologies within the last several years and we feel the need to help provide some historic perspective to balance out the debate.
  • Promote New Forms Of Media

    Information is powerful, and it profoundly influences our collective reality. Unfortunately, we’ve let ourselves be distracted, divided and manipulated by the corporate owned media into a false reality. Our decisions can only be as good as the information we base them on. This is why we promote new forms media and citizen journalists working hard to keep us informed about whats really happening in the world.
  • Connect Like-Minded People

    There are millions of people who want to see a better future but they have very few tools at their disposal to participate. We want people to have a say in the future they want to see which is why we connect people who are seeking real change in the world with the people who are actually doing it – and not just change for the sake of it, but change based in principles of empowerment that advance individual freedom.

  • Inspire & Empower

    By promoting exciting initiatives we hope to inspire others to find new ideas that can improve our future. We also provide free information and resources on our main site that can help anyone develop, finance, and advance their ideas. We write about world issues and the people who are trying to solve them in an effort to raise awareness and inspire others as well.
  • Leverage Our Greatest Resource

    Human creativity and ingenuity is our greatest resource. We should always be looking for new ways to tap this valuable resource and reward it. With over 7 billion people in the world, we have more brain power to direct towards solving problems than ever before. We wish to help facilitate open collaboration through concepts like open source and peer to peer activities.
  • Accelerate The Global Awakening

    There is a global awakening happening and a shift in our collective consciousness is changing the way we see our reality. It’s becoming obvious that our current system is no longer serving humanity as a whole. While many people may see chaos in the world, we are optimistic, and see a window of opportunity to propose and implement new concepts and ideas.