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The Freedom Fund

The Freedom Fund is the world’s first private philanthropic initiative dedicated to identifying and investing in the most effective front-line efforts to end slavery.

The root causes of global modern slavery are complex, but evidence shows that it can be tackled effectively. Just as abolitionist coalitions forced the end of the Atlantic slave trade in the 19th century, courage and commitment can end modern slavery today. In recent years, the collective efforts of governments, companies and consumers have dramatically reduced child labour in cocoa plantations in West Africa. Tough coordinated action by the authorities, both in Asian countries where the abuse takes place and in Europe and North America where the offenders live, is helping counter child sex tourism. In India, the home to over half of the world’s modern slaves, targeted grass-roots programs are helping lift this shadow from lives and communities. The Freedom Fund has developed an independent and global approach to bring together knowledge and capital to deliver results.

  • We bring a global perspective, to match the scale of the problem with vision and resources.
  • We invest in best-of-class anti-slavery interventions, scaling those that succeed.
  • We share our knowledge, to encourage best practice and greater collaboration in the sector.
  • We measure impact, to improve our investment strategy over time.
  • We align diverse disciplines, to develop more effective approaches to end slavery.

The Freedom Fund was founded by three founding investors; Humanity United, the Legatum Foundation and the Minderoo Foundation. Legatum has produced the video below, which includes an interview with our CEO, Nick Grono, to explain why they invested in the world’s first private donor fund dedicated to ending modern slavery.

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