Our goal is to facilitate change based on the ideas briefly described below.

We have 5 simple objectives

1. Promote people/organizations using innovation to solve global challenges
2. Promote people/organizations that are creating awareness to global challenges
3. Promote the cause of individual freedom in all of its many forms
4. Provide a trusted platform where anyone can support exciting new initiatives
5. Inspire & empower future generations to launch bold new ideas

Specific Areas of Focus

  • New Concepts
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Peer to Peer Solutions
  • Free Market Solutions
  • Industrial & Medical Hemp
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Clean Water
  • Food Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Independent Media
  • Citizen Journalists
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Individual Freedom
  • Internet Freedom
  • Economic Empowerment

Global Awakening
We are going through a global awakening and a shift in our collective consciousness. It’s becoming obvious to most people that our current system has been corrupted and is no longer serving humanity as a whole. As a result of this corruption, we’ve seen, perpetual war for profit and control, the centralization of power, artificial scarcity, the promotion of dependency in an effort to control people, and the redirection of wealth to a small fraction of the world’s population. People are seeing the system for what it truly is and are open to new ideas.

It’s Up to Us
This corrupted socioeconomic model is not sustainable, and in fact, it’s dying and reorganizing right now. What comes next will be up to us. If we want to have a say in the future we want to see, we must be actively involved in advancing the ideas that are in humanity’s best interest. Fortunately, there a many people and organizations proposing better ways forward but they need our help.

Promote Solutions
We believe that the most effective way to create meaningful change in the world is to promote and support the people who are putting forth new concepts. Concepts that are designed to solve our biggest problems and create a more equitable and sustainable future. A future where all could prosper — not just the top 1% or even 30% of our society. And not just prosper economically but in over-all quality of life.

New Forms of Media
An important part of our mission is to promote new forms of media. Information is powerful, and it profoundly influences our collective reality. Large media conglomerates with hidden agendas use the media to influence our thinking, our decisions, public opinion, our elections, and our consent on what we do as a nation. Unfortunately, we’ve let ourselves be distracted, divided and manipulated by the media into a false reality that only serves a small minority of the population.

Ignorance is a Choice 

We can no longer afford to be fooled by the social engineers who wish to control and divide us using misinformation and fear. This small group controlling the global narrative have literally stunted human evolution. We will promote independent media outlets who can provide accurate accounts of the events in our world and hold those in power accountable when they are not acting in the people’s best interest. We should never allow the censorship of different ideas and opinions, even if we don’t agree with them. We should withdraw our support from those who do practice censorship.

Innovation – Not Legislation
We are not political and we don’t believe equitable change can be achieved through legislation. Every time we turn to government to solve our problems, we end up losing more freedoms, and in the end, their solutions almost always prove to be ineffective. We are strong proponents of individual freedom and free market solutions. We believe in a world that offers as many options as possible with the least amount of restrictions while letting the people have the freedom to choose what they feel is best for them (provided it doesn’t interfere with others freedom). Although politics is a very real obstacle that we’ll need to overcome, we seek to promote change through innovation and ideas that circumvent bureaucratic restrictions and inefficiencies.

Combine Technology with Wisdom
There have been many forms of new technology discovered in the last several decades, but we need to ask ourselves an important question: are we really applying this technology to improve the quality of our lives? In some cases, technology has actually decreased our standard of living and only complicated our lives. New technology is also poised to replace tens of millions of jobs in the coming decades and we’ll need to find new ways for people to participate in the future economy. Maybe we can apply technological advances towards a higher goal. What kind of people are we if we let billions around the world suffer from a lack of basic needs like food, water, and shelter. Many of these people are in first world countries.

We Are Our Greatest Resource
Our greatest resource is human creativity and ingenuity. We should always be looking for new ways to tap this resource and reward it. With over 7 billion people in the world, we have more brain power to direct towards solving problems than ever before. We also have the technology to connect and leverage this brainpower. If we shift our focus from profit to quality of life and remain open to new ideas, we can make giant leaps forward in a relatively short period of time. Can you imagine what we could achieve if we if enough of us joined together to leverage the power of technology and human creativity with the sole intent to fundamentally simplify and improve the plight of humanity?

Individual Freedom & Economic Empowerment
In the last few decades, the average American has become far more vulnerable to governmental overreach while large corporations have become immune to our nation’s laws. In some states like California, people are being coerced or even forced to accept medical treatment against their will. We are sovereign beings and not property of the state. We will promote ideas that reverse this trend. It’s time to return to the independent ideals that made America great and stop relying on government for our needs. Dependency weakens us and allows others to control us. Only economic empowerment and self-sufficiency can break this vicious cycle of control through dependency. We need to turn to each other and use innovation & creativity to solve our problems, and not rely on the government. The emerging peer to peer movement and related technology will allow people to transact directly with each other, bypassing the inefficiencies of this antiquated system.

A Bright Future Ahead
It’s an exciting time to be alive! We’re witnessing one of the most profound technological and cultural changes ever experienced in our history. While many people may see chaos in the world, we see a window of opportunity to propose and implement new ways forward. Most people are clearly not satisfied with the status quo and are ready to entertain new ideas. Although we are optimistic… a better future will not happen on its own. Central planners backed by powerful interests will continue to put forth competing ideas and their own solutions in an effort to remain in control. They also have the loudest voice in the room, (but have lost credibility). This is why we need to make informed decisions and actively support decentralized ideas that are aligned with the people’s best interest.

Vision Launch is a vehicle to help facilitate positive change based on the ideas described in this manifesto. – MZ

There is only one revolution tolerable to all men, all societies, all political systems; Revolution by design and invention.

– R Buckminster Fuller