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Anti-Slavery International is the world’s oldest international human rights organisation, founded in 1839 by British abolitionists such as William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson.

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Project Description

Today, there are at least 21 million people worldwide trapped in slavery. Anti-Slavery seeks to eliminate all forms of modern slavery, including human trafficking, bonded labour, forced labour, descent-based slavery and the unconditional worst forms of child labour by:

  • Carrying out research to expose current cases of slavery and identify sustainable measures to end it
  • Working with over 50 partner organisations in more than 20 countries and supporting their initiatives to secure the release of slaves and make them aware of their rights
  • Raising public awareness about slavery and campaigning for its eradication
  • Pressurising governments and international bodies to develop and implement laws against slavery

Anti-Slavery International is the world’s oldest international human rights organisation, founded in 1839 by British abolitionists such as William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson.

Today, Anti-Slavery International is the only British charity exclusively working to eliminating all forms of slavery and slavery like practices throughout the world, including:

  • forced labour and bonded labour
  • human trafficking
  • descent-based slavery
  • worst forms of child labour
  • slavery in supply chains
  • forced and early marriage
  • the exploitation of migrant workers in conditions amounting to slavery

We have consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, participatory status with the Council of Europe and we are a member of the International Labour Organization Special List of NGOs.

We deal with the root causes of slavery and its consequences to achieve sustainable change.

We raise awareness, we campaign, and we directly engage with governments and international organisations.

We work in partnership with local organisations. This is critical to understanding the local context and the specific approaches necessary to achieve sustainable change for the victims of slavery.

Alongside our local partners, we support individuals and communities affected by slavery and we facilitate access to education, justice and compensation for people freed from slavery.

OUR VISION is a world free from slavery.

OUR MISSION is to work directly and indirectly with beneficiaries and stakeholders from a grassroots to an international level to eradicate slavery and its causes from the world.


We believe a world free from slavery will occur when ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ activities coincide – when people affected by slavery become empowered to claim their rights, when societies and institutions adopt new social norms to reject slavery; and when governments and businesses provide laws and policies to protect people from slavery and implement them through robust practice.

To achieve that we use the following approaches:

  • Enabling people to leave slavery – through exemplar frontline projects with local partners, building their capacity to effectively tackle human rights abuses through research and awareness raising in their own countries
  • Helping victims of slavery – with frontline work ensuring they access the psychological and legal support they need to recover and obtain justice and compensation
  • Supporting the empowerment of people to be better protected from slavery – again working at grass roots level, to help communities demand respect for their human rights and tackle the root causes of slavery through access to education and the elimination of caste and gender inequality
  • Identifying ways in which abuses can be brought to an end, demonstrating how our frontline work empowers individuals and communities to sustainably leave, or obtain protection from, slavery
  • Our advocacy and programme work are closely linked, as we convey to key decision makers the messages of victims and recommendations from local partners for an effective eradication of slavery.


We aim to demonstrate the following values through our work, both internally and externally:


We work at all levels for long-term, sustainable, systemic change, challenging power structures, persisting until our aims have been achieved.


We are a knowledgeable and reliable organisation whose positions are developed through sustained human rights-based work with affected peoples and communities, and through rigorous, evidence-based research.


We are an independent organisation whose decisions, actions and positions are drawn from a human rights-based approach to driving targeted social change, are consistently applied and are not shaped by vested interests such as governments or corporations.


We are committed to fairness, non-discrimination and mutual respect, both internally and externally, in all of our decisions and actions, and the impartial fulfilment of each person’s human rights and dignity, including where this may involve taking affirmative action in favour of disadvantaged individuals and groups.


We are responsible to a range of groups and individuals, both internally and externally, for the integrity of our actions and decisions, demonstrated through a proactive culture of openness and transparency.


We are strengthened by working together, through respectful, participatory collaboration and consultation, proactively identifying and involving marginalised and vulnerable groups.

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