About Us


What is Vision Launch Discover?

Vision Launch Discover is a listing site established to make it easy for people to find social initiatives making a positive impact in the world. As avid proponents of this activity, we wanted to create one central platform where people could go to find exciting social initiatives taking place in the world. When creating the listings, we use the organizations own information to describe them and link their contact information (website and social media pages) when available.


Vision Launch provides organizations listings but we’re also a patronage site where social entrepreneurs can create their own customized page and accept different types of contributions with no time limits or minimum funding requirements.

Vision Launch Discover is a Free Platform With No Hidden Costs or Fees – 100% of All Contributions Go Directly to the Organizations Being Promoted

1. Promote people/organizations trying to solve social challenges
2. Promote new forms of media & citizen journalists
3. Promote the advancement of individual freedom in all of its many forms
4. Provide a trusted platform where anyone can support exciting new initiatives
5. Inspire & empower future generations to launch bold new ideas that can improve our future

Specific Areas of Focus

  • New Ideas & Concepts
  • Individual Freedom
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Peer to Peer Solutions
  • Free Market Solutions
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Clean Water
  • Food Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Independent Media
  • Investigative Journalists
  • Citizen Journalists
  • Whistle-Blowers
  • Human Trafficking
  • Child Slavery
  • Uncensored Internet
  • Industrial & Medical Hemp
  • Economic Empowerment

Why We Need a Platform Like Vision Launch

There are dozens, if not hundreds of crowdfunding platforms bringing amazing ideas to life. If you’re an artist, musician, fashion designer, video game creator, author, filmmaker, or even a YouTube celebrity, there are a multitude of sites you can use to increase your fan base and raise money. If you want to sell equity in your company, or you’re a charity raising money for a cause, there are plenty of platforms to choose from too. Unfortunately, crowdfunding is only a temporary event, and there are very few platforms specifically dedicated to social entrepreneurs trying to solve the world’s problems.

Social Entrepreneurs – Solution-Based Activists

Social entrepreneurs & solution-based activists from all over the world have dedicated their lives to a higher calling and are trying to realize their vision for a better future. They have a burning desire to fix a societal problem and won’t stop until they’ve found the solution. These problem solvers are making a difference in the world every day, and in an age where global challenges are mounting, solutions just may be our greatest commodity. This is why we feel it’s so important to establish a full-time platform specifically designed for social entrepreneurs. A platform that will support, encourage, nurture and inspire people to create solutions and allow anyone to take an active role in helping to improve our future.

Other Factors

With over a billion websites and counting on the internet, getting exposure to a new website requires time, effort, expertise, and financing. Even the more established websites do not receive much traffic unless they are producing content daily or spending a significant amount of money on marketing. Most small organizations cannot afford to hire a professional digital marketing agency, nor do they have the extra revenue to do this in-house. Facebook was once a great way for small organizations to spread the word, but that changed when they decided to restrict their user’s organic reach. Now you have to pay Facebook to reach all of your followers. We want to break through these limitations by offering one centrally themed platform professionally marketed to the right audience.

A Platform For Change

Real change won’t happen through legislation but rather through implementing new ideas. We want to unite like-minded people around ideas like freedom, liberty, open collaboration, transparency, and offer legitimate initiatives that have a very real possibility of creating meaningful change in the world. Until now, there has not been a central platform dedicated to the advancement of these ideas.

*Vision Launch is currently in beta mode. If you want to submit your organization to be listed on Vision Launch, please contact us hello(at)visionlaunch(dot)com or you can use our contact form.

If your organization is already listed and you want to enhance your page and activate the donation feature – or be removed from our listings, please use the same contact.